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Hidden Voices

Men who are victims of Domestic Violence have Hidden Voices.

When we hear the term “Domestic Violence”, society has programmed us to believe that it is the MAN who is the aggressor, which is not always the case. Most people associate domestic violence as physical. When in reality, verbal abuse and attacks are what men are “hit” with most. We are confronted with a barrage of lies, accusations, assumptions, and degrading remarks that just slowly drain us. We lose confidence, strength, health, friends, opportunities and even sex drive. A man becomes a shell of who he used to be.

I am Life coach and Mindset Mentor Justin Malama. Within a ten-year period, I was faced with the mental anguish of multiple miscarriages, getting a divorce, two bankruptcies, and foreclosure. I also was alienated from my family, emotionally abused, degraded, and verbally assaulted daily for years. Once I had the strength to break the cycle, next came family court, alienation from my children, false accusations even lost my job.

If you are a man, or know a man who is, or has been a victim of Domestic Violence and Abuse, download HIDDEN VOICES NOW!

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